Good Guy (With A Gun)

In support of the March For Our Lives gun-control rally on March 24th, 2018, Wallace is donating all proceeds from “Good Guy (With A Gun)” to the official March For Our Lives GoFundMe.

“There was definitely a time where I had grown numb to the mass shootings—at a certain point, it felt like I had to in order to protect myself from feeling terrible all the time. I had tried to write something about them a few years ago, but it didn’t really go anywhere.

The events in Sutherland Springs and Parkland really reawakened the desire to play a positive role in the discussion, instead of receding back into indifference. The students from Parkland have been inspiring, and they’ve opened up the gates to more people who were feeling similarly to get involved in new ways. The movement has reminded me that art can and should be used to express the ideas and emotions that are uncomfortable, and to take those difficult topics, and confront them head on to bring people together to create real change.

It’s time to use our voices, it’s time to call out the B.S., and it’s time to be heard. It’s been time. No more thoughts and prayers, ACTION.”  - Wallace